Origin and History

The Cairn Terrier comes from Scottish Highland and from island of Skye. It is in all probability one of the oldest Terrier-breeds at all – the oldest dates from 1436.


The Cairn Terrier was held in big pack of dogs by Scottish Clan. At that time he was called “Shortcoated Skye Terrier”.

It was his job to hunt in the rough countryside among the typical mound – the Cairns. The Cairn Terrier owes his present name this event, which he got in 1910.

The breed was officially recognized in 1912 by the English Kennel Club.

He is related to the Skye Terrier, Scottish Terrier and West Highland White Terrier.

 Unmistakable is a particular likeness to “Westie”.


Up to now he has kept his coarse appearance and his enormous resistance





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