The Cairn Terrier’s body is of medium length and shouldn’t look massiv or heavy. His back is upright and firm.

His gait is powerful, he is sturdy, fearless and attentive.

The Cairn has a coarse coat. He is of middle length with a short soft coat.

You can find him the color of wheat, crème, red, gray or almost black. He is never completely black or white.

The Cairn Terrier carries his tail upright and has small pointed ears, which stand up. His eyes are dark, the head has fullness but is not overly large like that of  the West Highland White Terrier.



His height is 28 – 31 cm, he weighs about 6 – 7,5 kg. His weight always should be in proportion to height.

He should be groomed two to three times per year.



The Cairn Terrier is cheerful, self-confident, active, friendly and fond of children. He has a well-balanced character.

Like all terriers the Cairn can be pleasently stubborn an needs to be trained.



The Cairn Terrier is easy to care for. Regular combing and brushing with a Terrier-brush – once or twice a week – makes him look well-groomed.

Around two to three times a year he needs to be groomed.


Special Traits

The Cairn Terrier is resistant and little susceptible to illness. He is very adaptable. Therefore he is an ideal companion for families with children and athletic active singles. But at the same time he is great for older people as well.


He is active, even at old age (12 – 15 years).





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